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ETL: Germany's largest tax consultancy group consisting of a global modern consulting network of experts. ETL is our strategic partner in Germany.

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European Orient Business Academy Help Family Business Owners

Strong Networking

The European Orient Business Academy helps small- and medium sized companies. We have a strong and broad network of over 20,000 customers in Asia.

Our Research 

Our research focuses on Chinese Family Businesses and SMEs. We coach local businessmen, entrepreneurs and potential investors.         

Key Projects

Our Mission

Our principles are the integrity of oriental & western wisdom and the establishment of a platform for exchange and collaboration to assist Chinese Family Businesses, SMEs and their European counterparts.

Our Expertise

We are a leading expert in China & Singapore for traditional Chinese culture with a focus on business and leadership. 

Integrity of Oriental & Western Wisdom, Unity of knowledge & Practice​

The Platform

The EOBS operates as an platform for academic and business related exchange that works in both directions. As a reliable Partner we open doors for you!

German Government's first choice for Business and technology support for companies, investors and scientific institutions in Berlin.
In September 2015 we signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement.

European Orient Business Academy

( Sweden & Germany )