Our Expertise 


* Integration of eastern cultural tradition with modern management
* Business model and strategy development for SMEs
​* Succession issues and leadership & management development for family-owned businesses
* Leadership skills and international insight development for local entrepreneurs 
* Localisation, local cultural and economic insights
* Broad network of resources, professional partners and clients


European Orient Business Academy - Help Family Business Owners


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​​​Our History


​Through the past 15 years, together with our China and Singapore affiliates we developed a broad range of research projects and training & practice programs for our Asian clients, family-owned businesses and SMEs. In the meanwhile, we could attract many top talents from Europe and Asia to strengthen our research capacity and to improve our advanced training programs. We also established a vast network of local partners, professionals, and governmental institutions to provide the best service for our clients. Our services include a broad range of trainings, study tours, forums, localisation- and commercial-services.

Who We Are


In 2010 the European Business Academy was established in the Kingdom of Sweden, while we could successfully launch our German Branch Institute in Berlin recently. We are dedicated to do research on "Family Businesses" and "Traditional Chinese Culture" and to support both of them. We have been becoming a big think-tank and networking platform to several thousand of Chinese family-owned businesses and small- & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Our core team includes the Shanghai Witway Culture Company Limited, Singapore Cheng Kang Culture Pte. Ltd, European Orient Business Academy AB (Sweden) and Europe Insight International GmbH (Germany). 

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Our Credo


* ​Global view

* Integrating Oriental and Western insights
​​* Leading researching capacity and projects * Progressing Chinese entrepreneurs’ international competition capabilities * Assisting sustainability of family-owned businesses and SMEs

European Orient Business Academy

( Sweden & Germany )

Our Mission 


* European Orient Business Academy helps Chinese family business owners
* Committing in research and development of family business and SMEs
* Assisting the growth of Asian SMEs and family-owned businesses
* Fostering communication and exchange of researchers of Western and Eastern origins
* Integrate cultural and philosophical traditions into modern business practices 
* Providing a platform for networking and professional, economic, academic and cultural exchange 

Our Network 


Dejiao Education Group GmbH

European Orient Education Group GmbH (Old name)
Website: http://www.eoba.eu


European Orient Business Academy AB
Website: http://www.eoba.eu