European Orient Business Academy

( Sweden & Germany )

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European Orient Business Academy seminar for chinese company owners in past 14 years

Asia Presence:


China:  Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen,  Chengdu,              Dalian,  Taiyuan, Tai'an, Kunming,                      Xi'an, Shenyang, Nanning, Changchun

Others: Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan,               Malaysia   

Seminars In Asia


We have been hosting more than 200 training sessions in Singapore, Malaysia and China since 2001.  Over twenty thousands people from Asian SMEs and family-owned businesses joined our lectures. 

Collaborating with business schools and cultural exchange institutions in Asia and Europe, we  organized dozens of international study tours for our clients.

We have 7 different seminar programs in Asia as below:

  1. The Ultimate Business Wisdom

  2. “Principles of Governing Oneself, One’s Family and Enterprise”

  3. Woman Wisdom

  4. Successful Administering of King Cheng and Kang 

  5. The Art of Stop-Business Leadership

  6. ”Su Shu”(The Book of Plain Words)

  7. Beach Holiday Camp in Malaysia