European Orient Business Academy

( Sweden & Germany )

Date:    July 5th - 14th, 2015
City:        Frankfurt & Berlin, Germany
Theme:New Business Concepts & New Opportunities 
Main Host:European Orient Business Academy
Audiences:Family Business Owners & Company Executives from China


Program Overview

•Business case studies from those firms who survived crisis
•Attitudes and management practices in crisis
•“Key” of managing crisis and ultimately making use of it.

•The success factors of family owned businesses
•Management and planning of family businesses and business families
•Succession, next-generational entrepreneurship and leadership coaching

Frankfurt Forum (Part A) Themes: 

Business networking occasions both in Germany to expand personal and business networks for Chinese and German business leaders.

The Frankfurt Forum will focus on three themes: “Crisis Management”, “Family Business Success”, and “SME Development”.  Scholars, business leaders and politicians will cover relevant topics as key-note speakers.

New Buisness Opportunity

Exchange investment and business development opportunities from China and Germany

New Business Model

Experience and study new business models with business leaders from China and Germany

​Insight International Business Forum

                   Germany 2015

We will organized more than 30 Chinese family business owners and investors to attend the Berlin Investment & Business development Project Exchange Forum.

  1. Well-designed program content, work with Berlin Partner for Business and Technology GmbH, this is good opportunities for Berlin startup companies to get potential investment.
  2. Free registration for Berlin startup companies. Please note that the places are limited, only six companies can present their business concepts.
  3. ​Timing and location: 2015-07-13, 14:00-15:00pm, Berlin InterContinental Hotel,each project owner has 10 minutes for presentation and we will provide German/Chinese or English/Chinese interpreting service 
  4. Please send email to Ms.Neve ZHANG for free registration. Her email address is

​Berlin Investment and Business Development Project Exchange Forum

​Free Registration for Berlin startup companies.

•China market business…
•On-site discussion and networking

•M&A opportunities;
•Intellectual property projects for sale or seeking partner(s);
•German companies seeking Chinese partners
•Real estate investment opportunities
•Qualifying startup projects for applications for German residence permits
•On-site discussion and negotiation, backup with professional advisory team

Berlin Investment and Business Development Project Exchange Forum (Part B):

Guided tours to gain insights from the first-hand experience of German business best-practice;
Direct communication with local business owners and management team

Program Modules:

Program Schedule:

New Concept For China

Discover leading concepts of in business administration and management practices

Mission Of The Program

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New Concepts & New Opportunities

•Welcome reception with cocktail and light buffet;
•Berlin evening (boat tour & dinner): TBA
•Closing Ceremony Gala dinner

•German  Government officers introduction on investment environment
•Presentation about local business operating policies, regulations and laws
•German taxation; finance and banking
•Questions and Answers

The Berlin Forum will be set-up to facilitate German and Chinese entrepreneurs exchange investment and business development projects and opportunities.  Government officials from each country will oversee this exiting communication. We will also provide a professional service team to follow up the subsequent intentions.

New Networking

Build business networking with Chinese company owners