The Germany Study Tour for Entrepreneurs connects knowledge with practice while offering a broad overview of different German business models and the opportunity for exchange. In this tour's focus have been three local small-sized "hidden champions" enterprises, two middle-sized companies, one universally known global player, one professional vocational training centre, one quality control centre, one leading charity foundation, a visit to a service trade show and academic lectures about "German" characteristics in business operations.

This comprehensive spectrum shows many different aspects of German business structures and gave the possibility for direct interaction with its masterminds offering inspiring insights. Not only a visit at Mercedes-Benz or TUV impressed the participants, rather the small-sized "hidden champions" businesses as Handtmann, Erhard Sport, Glasbau Hahn provided valuable practical knowledge and gave access to and authentic culture environment.

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Germany Hidden Champion Tour

The Unity of Knowledge and Practice -  Germany Study Tour for Family Businesses 

Studying is only one side of the coin. Without practical experience most knowledge is empty and rigid. On the other hand practical experience without knowledge leaks direction. To guarantee success both elements need to be combined. So what is it that makes Germanys economy outstanding and stable and can we find in its principles complements of traditional Chinese wisdom?

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