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( Sweden & Germany )

Europe Study Tours

Our Europe Study Tours aim for providing deep and profound insights in european life and its environment. The specially designed Study Tours cover a broad range of different aspects and topics of living, working and investing in Europe. They feature most professional and authentic programs to let our clients obtain exactly what the need in a very efficient way. We want to make them experience Europe as it really is, with all its great opportunities and chances as well as its unique culture and set of values. 

The Europe Study Tours cover the following four topic scope:

Industry & Commerce

Learn and experience what makes Germany's economy so unique and stable. Get first hand information and insights about Germany's Industry, Technology and Commerce. 


Find the best investment opportunities and understand new trends. From real-estate over new products to company merger. 

Education for Children and Parents

Understand and feel European education concepts, see how children, parents and teachers interact. Be a part in our study camps. 

Culture & Experience

Experience real European culture. Besides all classics participate in the cultural every day life of Europeans and see how it is manifested. Put your hands on culture. 

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